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 Habit Change Facilitator Directory

Welcome to our list of Qualified Behavior Change Facilitators. We offer programs that  can help you fade unhelpful habits while cultivating healthy ones. 

Learn how to tap into the inner wisdom of your mind and body to change relationship with unwanted habits using  mindfulness approaches based on modern science and ancient wisdom developed by Judson Brewer MD, PhD. including digital therapeutic programs: Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now, and Craving to Quit.

Qualified Behavior Change Facilitators have attended at least 16 weeks of didactic, live demonstration and interactive seminars. Many have studied and practiced this model in an ongoing community of teacher-learners for many months or years. All have completed two phases of experiential practice with self, peer and expert review. Please note that while Mindsciences can verify that these facilitators have been trained in the behavior change model, their other professional qualifications are not verified. Qualified facilitators are not monitored after completion of their training. This listing of Qualified Behavior Change Facilitators allows you to contact them directly with any questions about their services. Reach out through the websites and/or emails provided to learn more about their courses/coaching/pricing.  

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