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Are you mystified or frustrated by persistent, unwanted

habits of mind and behavior?

(anxiety, procrastination, over-consuming food, media, streaming , video games, losing time and/or money)

Are these patterns interfering with other important goals?

( productivity, balance, connection,  health and ease )

Expert, caring guidance for your Habit Change Journey

Qualified Habit Change Facilitators

Meet Qualified Habit Change Facilitators!


Personally trained by Judson Brewer MD and his team

We are:

  • Trained by neuroscientist and addiction psychiatrist Judson Brewer, MD, PhD to use his evidence-based model to address smoking, over-eating, anxiety and anxiety-related behaviors

  • Mindfulness teachers and coaches

  • Committed to guiding and supporting individuals and groups to develop sustainable habit change

We offer:

  • Guidance and support to empower you to develop new habits for better self-care and health

  • Years of experience applying this method to our own lives

  • Introduction sessions to this approach every month - sign up here to be informed the next session

  • Individual and group coaching programs (see individual coach pages for details) 


Evidence-supported, Sustainable Change

This effective model of habit change works with the brain’s reward-based learning system to outgrow unwanted habits like overworrying, over-eating, “over indulging” in various ways, overworking or other habits that take away from a more healthy, fulfilling life.  Use digital therapeutic apps:  Unwinding Anxiety, Eat Right Now, Craving to Quit or Dr. Brewer’s books as reference and classes or coaching with qualified facilitators for practice and individualized attention.

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With Mindful Habit Change, qualified facilitators help you tap into the wisdom of your own experience using a comprehensive mindfulness program validated by modern science.  We are here to help!  

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Qualified Habit Change Facilitators have attended at least 16 weeks of didactic, live demonstration and interactive seminars. Many have studied and practiced this model in an ongoing community of teacher-learners for many months or years. All have completed two phases of experiential practice with self, peer and expert review. Please note that while Mindsciences can verify that these facilitators have been trained in the behavior change model, their other professional qualifications are not verified. Qualified facilitators are not monitored after completion of their training. This listing of Qualified Behavior Change Facilitators allows you to contact them directly with any questions about their services. Reach out through the websites and/or emails provided to learn more about their courses/coaching/pricing.


Please visit the website linked in our profiles to get to know each of us and the services we offer


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